eintellego Networks Sponsored a PNC Alumni Event 7th April 2013

On the 7th April 2013, eintellego Networks sponsored a PNC Alumni event.

All of our staff that are graduates of the PNC program attended the event. Rom, Dol, Try, Victor, Kriss & Seyma all went along to show their support for PNC and the Alumni group.

eintellego Networks had a booth and banners, he directors of PNC even gave the staff a certificate of appreciation, this was very kind and unexpected.

Here is a couple of words from our guys about the day.

It was a bloody hot day – EXTREMELY HOT! Maybe that’s why everyone was coming to hang out with us in our booth and fanning themselves with our brochures.

After a speech from Pierre, General Manager of PNC to the students, I was invited to give away the Graduation Certificate together with him. Then the other honour guests and sponsor companies. I was very happy on that stage, for it was my first time on stage as a distinguished guest.

I was then called to give a speech. After introducing myself and the company I was given the chance to give a message from Skeeve to PNC – “A message from my CEO in Australia.  Mr Stevens would like to express how thankful he is to PNC for the amazing job that they are doing.  The changes that they are having in the lives of the students, and that of Cambodia society is extremely significant.  Mr Stevens would like to express his continued support for PNC and to hiring future graduates when expanding his operations here in Cambodia.” I then shared my own experience on university life in Vietnam, Thailand, and China is like, and how PNC is doing similar aspects really well in terms of management, discipline, responsibility and quality of education. I expressed my appreciation for the great study environment that PNC provided Cambodian students. An environment that distracts them from drugs, alcohol & gang related activities that might ruin their future and their society.

Of course any Alumni event wouldn’t be complete without an after party… we all danced the night away! The the whole day was a lot of fun and very encouraging to all who attended.

I have been going to these events ever since I graduated, but this was definately the biggest one so far! I met a lot of PNC graduates, who are now working as IT Managers, IT Administrators, Network Engineers & System Engineers from different companies. It was a great chance to introduce eintellego Networks and Juniper equipment to everyone, and people seemed really keen to learn about us and Juniper.

I love PNC and what they do, I will never forget how they changed my life and I am so excited to now be part of the PNC Alumni group. It is very exciting to pass on my own experiences and knowledge to the other PNC students and graduates.

It was great to meet everyone again, seeing my old classmates and teachers, we all shared how PNC had changed our lives and our ideas about our current working lives. We had so much fun all day. We all now share a passion for helping the current students in their skills and knowledge so they can find the same joy in their future working lives. PNC really changed my life and I am very honoured to be part of their Alumni group.

I love being part of the PNC Alumni group. PNC truly changed my life and I enjoy every opportunity I get to meeting with the teachers and other graduates. It was a great day to show the Almuni group who eintellego Networks are and what we do. We had an amazing time and I look forward to next year.

The PNC Alumni day was a great event foe me. Many graduates joined and shared their experiences of the PNC course and their current working lives. It was great to sit in the booth and give them information about our company and what we do. We all had a great day.


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