eintellego Networks commits to Open Networking


SYDNEY, June 20 2016 – Using their expertise in Cisco, Juniper, Arista and the building of Service Provider and Elastic Fabric networking, eintellego Networks will now bring Open Networking to Australia with a significant investment in engineering capability.


What is Open Networking?


Open Networking involves the disaggregation of the Network Hardware and Operating System and allows different OS’s to be installed on ONIE capable hardware. For example, the HP Altoline and Dell’s ON series of switches come pre-installed with the ONIE boot loader and are ready to be installed with one of the many Open Networking compliant Operating Systems. Other vendors such as Accton, Edge-Core and QuantaMesh are also making ONIE ready switches.


What this means (for example) that you will be able to install Juniper’s JUNOS Operating Systems onto a Dell ON series switch. Many other operating systems are also supported by the ONIE boot loader.


Founder of eintellego Networks and Futurist, Skeeve Stevens has recently spoken at several conferences in Australia and Asia about the impact that the Open Networking movement will have in Australia.


A link to the above video is here:  http://bit.ly/ONCommsdaySyd


“A business will be able to deploy switching hardware at up to 90% cheaper than they currently do but it will also be 4 to 10 times faster with 40GbE and 100GbE becoming more affordable and the emergence of the new 25GbE and 50GbE standards.” said Mr. Stevens. “Being able to choose your hardware and software has been available to the server world for years, but now it is the networking worlds turn. Business will be able to save a lot of money in hardware and also leverage existing skillsets.”


eintellego Networks is currently deploying ON technology to several customers with the biggest project being the telecommunications network of Transgrid and its rollout of their regional infrastructure across the eastern states.


Open Networking is a movement that is sweeping the networking world with all vendors either releasing products or planning to in the near future. “It is predicted that revenue of Cisco and Juniper will be 90% from software within 3 years, largely due to the disaggregation that Open Networking has enabled” Skeeve Stevens said.


At the beginning of 2015 Skeeve Stevens directed every engineer within the company to learn Linux and a programming language as he saw the coming changes in the networking world.


Now, every network engineer at eintellego Networks globally has been trained in the designing, configuring and supporting the Open Networking technology landscape.  eintellego Networks will be announcing some key vendor relationships very soon.


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