Shanti Blue 17000 crop 2Shanti Korporaal
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Shanti is a winner of the Anthill 30 Under 30 for 2015 and 2014. She loves technology having previously worked with multiple IT companies including the carrier Vocus. Her specialties are project management and implementing the dreams that the crazy innovators like Skeeve come up with. Shanti is also the lead IPv4 Broker at v4Now, eintellego Networks’ IP Brokering arm.


Aftab 16748 crop 2

Aftab Siddiqui 
Chief Technology Officer

Aftab has years of Technology and Management experience in state of the art Service Provider & Enterprise environments. Expertise in designing and implementing Service Provider & Enterprise Networks using multiple technologies & protocols. Aftab, being an Address Council Member of ICANN and on the Program Committee for SANOG, is very committed to Global Internet Governance and ensuring the future equality and security of the internet. At eintellego Networks, Aftab is responsible for the management of customer networks and constantly improving our product delivery. Aftab was the first person in the world to be a Cumulus Certified Engineer, solidifying our commitment to Open Networking. While Skeeve dreamed up and architected the ElasticISP platform idea, Aftab and Try actually built it.


Skeeve and Friends 226720 crop square 2Skeeve Stevens
Co-Founder & Advisor

Skeeve has designed and built of over 350 ISPs over the last 15 years. He is passionate about Internet Governance, IPv6, Internet Security and Sustainability.  He is the industry champion in the region for Elastic Fabrics (even coining the term!) and has presented dozens of times on the topic in 5 countries. Currently Skeeve’s passion is Open Networking and Elastic Fabrics and how they are changing the world. In 2015 Skeebe was the lead architect and project lead for the design and build of AXONVX, an Elastic Fabric dynamic network infrastructure commissioned by NEXTDC. Skeeve also recently architected the world’s first Cloud based ISP platform called ElasticISP which uses cloud-based infrastructure and NFV methodologies that has the potential to spin up an entire ISP infrastructure in less than 24 hours. Other than advising eintellego Networks, Skeeve spends most of his time as a Futurist with Future Sumo.


Barbara Ellem 2Barbara Ellem 
Global Head of Accounts, Administration & Logistics

Barbara has had over 20 years experience in office administration and accounts. She has been a cornerstone staff member of eintellego Networks since day one. Barbara is now the lead administrator of eintellego Networks and eintellego Networks Cambodia and is always improving our internal systems along with her administration team. Barbara’s secret skill is her inner editor, you can bet that if there is a grammar or spelling mistake… she will find it, so of course she takes it upon herself to send out a weekly wordplay quiz to the global team!


Skeeve and Friends 226604Try Chhay 
Global Head of Network Engineering

Try has a degree in Computer Science from Passerelles Numériques Cambodia (PNC). He has spent 5 years working in the ISP industry within the APNIC region. Try started working with eintellego Networks in our office in Phnom Penh, through years of growing in his skills and expertise, he has now become our Global NOC manager and lives in Sydney, Australia.  He is responsible for planning, changing, troubleshooting, monitoring customer networks and is a budding network architect.


Sushil KarkiSushil Karki 
Systems and Network Engineer

Sushil is our all round IT support and systems engineer, with a range of skills and experience in everything from basic network engineering, WiFi infrastructure, server administration, and basic programming. He is leading our team in narrowing the gap between network engineering and programming for the new Open Networking Revolution.


staff-cjChinju Sunny 
Systems Programmer

Chinju (CJ) is our resident code poet. She codes and manages all internally developed systems. Currently coding in PHP by day and learning Python at night, then probably Golang. She is the type of coder who you need around, we talk a little about the big picture, have dreaming sessions with a never ending to-do list, she comes back after a couple of weeks with it all done and asking “what’s next?” Always with a smile on her face, regardless of whether she is working from the office, her home or back in India with her family she is a great person to have in our team.


Rom SokRom Sok Regional Manager – South East Asia

Starting his IT career as a network administrator at a medium-sized internet café in China, Senmonorom, from Cambodia, is now eintellego Networks Regional Manager for all of South-East Asia.  He still acts as local Country Manager for Cambodia. Day-to-day he manages all aspects of South-East Asian operations, liaises with customers and keeps everything running smoothly. Rom has a BA degree in IT from Dali University in China and has instructed two courses; CCNA and a CCNA Security. Internally we call him the ‘Cambodian Skeeve’. Rom has a passion to grow himself and the world around him by empowering the network engineering community in Cambodia and the region. Presently, he is doing this by providing specialised practical network training and leading the KHNOG community.


Seyma NgetSeyma Nget
Leader the Global NOC & Senior Network Engineer

Seyma started with eintellego Networks as an intern from Passerelles Numériques Cambodia (PNC). Now he is a Senior Network Engineer and leader of the eintellego Networks Cambodia NOC. He is also leading the charge in Cambodia of adopting the Open Networking methodology by learning and implementing Cumulus OS infrastructure both in Australia and Cambodia.


Nira TeNira Te  eintellego Networks Cambodia In-House Engineer

Nira started with eintellego Networks as an intern from Passerelles Numériques Cambodia (PNC). She is now responsible for all the internal infrastructure of the eintellego Networks Cambodia office and training facilities. Nira also leads and facilitates KHNOG (Cambodia Network Operator Group), eintellego Networks Techday and the eintellego Networks, network engineering courses. Nira is our Cambodian secret weapon! If we need something done, she will know how to do it or can find the right person for the job.


Sreyroth SoumRoth Soum 
Head of Accounts & Administration in Cambodia

Roth recently completed her BA Accounting, she is now responsible for the daily accounts of eintellego Networks both in Australia and Cambodia. Roth is also amazing at getting stuff done, she has a way of making sure everything is taken care of from the big events to the small things that make all the difference… all with a smile on her face.


Math TeaMath Tea  
Senior Network Engineer

Math is one of our Senior Network Engineers in Cambodia, he has CCNA, JNCIA, JNCIS-ENT, JNCIS-SEC, JNCIP-ENT, CCNP Routing. He only joined our team in early 2016 but is quickly learning the ropes and quickly adapting to our Open Networking methodology. He is the strong and silent type, so we are pretty sure he is also secretly a ninja.


Petter VornPetter Vorn  Network Engineer

Petter started with eintellego Networks as an intern from Passerelles Numériques Cambodia (PNC). He has quickly adapted to the eintellego Networks methodology and now implements and is responsible for all our customers PMP’s (preventative maintenance plans).


Narun KoyNarun Koy  
Network Engineer

Narun joined us from an ISP in Siem Reap and has a few years experience in the network engineering space in Cambodia. He has also run his own event business amongst other things. When he first joined our team he was the silent type but it didn’t take long for us to realise how multi-faceted he truly is. He is a great network engineer, he can also cable up a multi media system with no notice, through rooms, behind walls, run up great looking images and graphics using the full adobe suite and guess what we are all thinking at the same time… Soon we will learn he is also a super hero in his free time.


Sothy KhoemSothy Khnoem  
System Administrator

Sothy is one of the newest members of the eintellego Networks Cambodia team, but quickly becoming a valuable sys-admin and member of the team. He was the first in our Cambodian team to have successful interactions with Amazon Echo, one of our loved IoT toys.

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