eintellego Networks has a rapidly growing staff base in Cambodia. Our Cambodian staff not only get to work on some of the best networks in the world, they also have a soccer team and they say they have more fun at work than any of their other friends.


Our Cambodian staff mostly come from an organisation that we are now partnering with called Passerelles Numeriques Cambodia or PNC. PNC do great work in Cambodia, they find 250 students each year, 50/50 male and female, to be a part of a two year training intensive. Students are taught English and IT Skills.


eintellego Network’s Partnership with PNC

As well as hiring interns only from PNC in support of their program. The Cambodian engineers at eintellego Networks Asia are now going back into PNC and teaching some much needed practical networking skills. eintellego Networks donates labbing equipment for use of PNC students, so now they are being given an opportunity to learn the fundamental theoretical and practical aspects to networks engineering.


eintellego Network’s Goals for Cambodia’s Telecom Industry

Training in PNC helps our engineers solidify their own knowledge in network engineering and teaching. Our Cambodian team have developed a training guide that they use in these lessons and will soon be teaching other engineers in the telecom space in Cambodia.


Our Cambodian office team have been able to scale to new heights in the telecom space in Cambodia and have made quite a name for themselves.

  • In 2011 two team members won the Cisco Netriders Competition in Cambodia – then went to Kuala Lumpur for the Regionals
  • In 2012 two team members won the Cisco Netriders Competition in Cambodia – then went to Bangkok for the Regionals
  • In 2012 Samol Khoeurn spoke at the APNIC Conference held in Phnom Penh
  • In 2012 four team members were able to attend the Juniper Ingenious Champions conference in Kuala Lumpur


We hope that with this kind of team leading the way, the telecom industry in Cambodia will soon begin to flourish. We all understand that without a good network infrastructure it is difficult for any country to support it’s growing businesses and enterprise. Our team in Cambodia are hoping that they can be a part of the growth and change to come.


They are so excited they win all of their soccer games! (Not really :))

eintellego Asia Soccer team

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