The independent, elastic, on-demand ISP is now available from eintellego Networks


eintellego Networks has launched ElasticISP!


With our ElasticISP model, eintellego Networks gives opportunity to start your own ISP by using the core infrastructure of an ISP on Pay-As-You-Grow basis – which consist of one time build charges, monthly tenancy charges and support/maintenance charges.


ElasticISP allows for all your required connections and enables you to scale your ISP core with your company growth. eintellego Networks have been using ElasticISP networking methods for years… implementing lean, flexible and scalable networks for smaller, vertical focused and purpose built ISPs. Now we’ve decided to launch a shared infrastructure to give new service providers a head start advantage to quickly spin up their own fully functional ISP for a fraction of the cost and minimal risk.


This gives you scaleable access to:

  • Cloud – Direct Access (AWS, Azure, Google Compute, OrionVM, Vmware)
  • Core ISP Infrastructure (LNS, CGN, Routing, Peering, etc)
  • IP Transit – Backup paths, OnDemand capacity
  • Tails – xDSL, Fibre/NBN, MetroE, International Circuits – anything Layer 2
  • Voice – SIP Trunks, Hosted Voice; Full Enterprise PABXs
  • DDoS Protection-aaS
  • VPN, Proxy, Security


Why Elastic ISP?

  • Minimal upfront build costs
  • Monthly scaled op-ex bills
  • Scaleable infrastructure – to grow with your requirements
  • Offer your own packaged ISP services as a value add to your customers


The Cloud ISP & Elastic Fabrics – Commsday Congress 2015



eintellego Networks have been using Elastic ISP networking methodologies for years now… implementing lean, flexible and scaleable networks for smaller, vertical focused, purpose built ISPs. Now it is a complete product, ready spin up and create you, your own ISP in 48hours.

This rapidly changing market is only going to get more exciting over the next 6-12months!



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