We can build you, your own Elastic Fabric!


Skeeve Stevens has been speaking about Elastic Fabrics since the early days of Megaport when we were one of the first professional service providers to start using Elastic Fabrics and working with Megaport to enhance their service offering. Since then eintellego Networks was brought on by NextDC to architect and build the AXONVX network.

These are just a couple of the examples of Elastic Fabrics that we are seeing in the market. We work with our clients to use the Elastic Fabric infrastructure, enabling them to have a lean and scalable network. We also work with providers to build their own Elastic Fabric, we see a future where there will be many interlinked Elastic Fabric infrastructures that promote a fast, scaleable exchange of services between business, ISP’s, end users and all those in between.

We have used Elastic Fabrics as the backbone to our ElasticISP this product helps our customers to create a scaleable ISP network that is ready for use in 48hours.


Building the Future on On-Demand Networking – Commsday DC Summit Sydney 2015



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