Elastic Engineering… on-demand as you need it.


The engineers at eintellego Networks, collectively have over 25 years experience in helping build small to large and very interesting networks for enterprises, government organisations and Internet Service Providers – all across the Asia Pacific region.

Most of the services that eintellego Networks provides are fulfilled by remotely accessing your equipment. This drastically cuts the costs on what can be an expensive service industry. Should it be required, eintellego has staff available to visit your site in the following locations: Sydney, Central Coast, Melbourne and Brisbane. We can also arrange other staff in most other locations.


Elastic Engineers are just that… A team of engineers that all know your network, the day-to-day maintenance is taken care of and a larger team can come to the rescue when needed.


Having a big robust team is great if your budget allows for it and you can keep them entertained for 40hours a week. Having a lean nimble team is good if they can cope with the workload. However, having an elastic workforce that can scale up and down as needed and is ready to spin up when problems arise helps with resourcing, continuity and flexibility.

There will always be day-to-day work within a network, for example, we implement preventative maintenance plans so that we can foresee and often prevent issues from effecting your network, maintain documentation, conduct research into cutting edge technology and possible implementation within client networks. However, when systems do fail we spin up as many engineers as it takes to get the job done and the world made right again.



Our engineers are constantly learning, being trained and honing their skills so that when they get to your network they are the best people for the job. Internally we make sure that our customers networks are documented and that our engineers know the network, so while you may have 1 or 2 IT staff that get sick or go on holidays we have a team of specialist network engineers that know your network and are ready to assist when you need it.


The world of Cloud based systems is becoming more prevalent in business all the time. It just makes sense…


Business Agility. Reduced Human Costs. Scalability. Business Continuity. Collaboration Efficiency.


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