Yes these words seem juxtaposed… but they don’t have to be!


In an age where being agile and quick to change is not only beneficial, it is crucial for survival… your network needs to support your enterprise. Enterprise and larger corporates often get bogged down in the sheer size, age and stagnant parts of their systems. They have been with the same one Service Provider for a long time because no one has bothered looking for a better deal. They haven’t updated their technology so they don’t reap the benefits of new and improved systems. Most of all they have teams that are not moving and changing with the times.


Soon enterprises will start hiring millennials who learn rapidly, absorb and respond to information rapidly… how does that work with the current standard of IT teams? We are already seeing issues arise within larger corporations because of the BYOD (bring your own device) trends. Security policies are not coping and staff are growing restless with their company’s inability to change. We hear many strong, angry words said every day about large corporate mail exchanges… words that shouldn’t be on this website.


However… there are some corporations that are changing with the times, whether they feel the success now or not, they are changing and trying things. This already gives them the upper hand, they know their ability to change, they are testing the market and they know their strengths and weaknesses.


Being an elastic enterprise allows you to:
  • Respond and connect with your market
  • Engage the team you really need
  • Use resources more efficiently


Elastic Enterprise



Business Agility. Reduced Human Costs. Scalability. Business Continuity. Collaboration Efficiency.
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