eintellego Networks has built, designed and deployed many interesting, creative, critical, and robust networks. Below are just some of the examples we’ve built to-date.


AXONVX – Elastic Fabric

Using the most cutting-edge network design, the most awesome switches available, we designed, built and deployed a massively scalable, extremely fast, elastic fabric network. This is one of the most exciting networks we’ve ever deployed, just based on the architecture, speed and scale alone.  It was built for NEXTDC, the Datacentre provider.


A Cloud Hosting Provider

eintellego Networks has built one of the most dynamic cloud hosting solutions for a Cloud/Virtualisation provider. Juniper MX’s were deployed to handle the high demands of Redundancy, Speed/Throughput and features. A solution with the capacity to handle thousands of virtual machines which also had to be designed to hand-off as a wholesale service to other carriers.


A Co-Location Provider

A provider with hundreds of racks, and thousands of servers uses eintellego Networks to manage their network infrastructure. With top of rack, aggregation and core networking services absolutely critical to the day-to-day operations of this network, eintellego Networks is there to keep everything running perfectly.


A VoIP Provider

One of the most sensitive types of network traffic, VoIP and Video traffic. eintellego Networks built a scalable network with capacity, redundancy, scalability and Quality of Service, that to this day still has not had a single significant outage.


Hoyts Digital Cinemas

eintellego Networks designed, built and deployed network infrastructure to over 50 cinemas and 300 screens across Australia and New Zealand to service the Digital Cinema solution for Hoyts Cinemas. A 10Gig network was required to move movie data (often 400GB per movie) around the network to the digital projectors.

A wireless infrastructure was also deployed to enable retail services to be portable across every complex and cinema.


A Government Department

A disaster recovery solution was required for a Government department and eintellego Networks was there to design and build a solution which conformed to specific and important government operational requirements. Using Juniper MX, EX and SRX technologies, eintellego Networks delivered a solution which provides network infrastructure for a core network that serves virtualisation, databases, storage, mail, internet, and VoIP to hundreds of sites across Australia.


Sydney Harbour Bridge / ANZAC Bridge / All other major bridges in NSW

With hundreds of cameras watching 24 hours a day across multiple locations, eintellego Networks re-designed an existing network solution to allow it to operate effectively, with less complexity and latency. eintellego Networks engineers are on call 24/7 for critical networks such as this.


Five Star Hotels

eintellego Networks has worked on the networks of more than a dozen 5-star hotel networks in multiple countries. Solutions for guest internet including wired and wireless and business centres have been deployed successfully. Hotel infrastructure for the operation of Point of Sale systems, retail, back-room operation have been deployed securely and with high-availability in mind.


QSR (Quick Service Retail) Chains

With dozens of stores across the country, eintellego Networks has designed multiple WAN solutions for QSR retailers so that all their stores could communicate with a central location so that their Micros Fidelio powered Point of Sale systems could centrally update pricing across the chain.  We’ve built the networks of Max Brenners, Sumo Salad and many others.


Wireless Hotspot Network

eintellego Networks designed and delivered a custom-designed wireless hotspot management platform that managed over 600 locations across Australia and the Pacific region.


World Youth Day 2008

A network designed to serve the demands of over 1000 media at the Sydney Convention Centre, 24 hours a day for 14 days. Print, Radio, TV – broadcasting live all over the world.

Two networks at Barangaroo and Randwick Racecourse to handle hundreds of media doing live coverage of the Pope at both of these locations. Law Enforcement, Retail and Event management also had to be catered for during these massive events with over 250,000 visitors. Gigs of Internet transit that had to run without fault, first time as there was no second chances at an event like this.

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