We want to make a difference

eintellego Networks is about one key thing …. Empowerment.

“We exist to empower small businesses to compete against the giants in their industry”.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t work for some big businesses, governments, etc… but we get extra satisfaction from helping SME’s punch way above their class.

Our passion is to empower small businesses with the knowledge, skills, resources, great staff, cutting-edge technology and innovative design to enable them to deliver excellent service and solutions to their customers.  Our customers are often able to offer products and services that are flexible, unique and that push the boundaries of innovation in their space.

Our commitment to our customers is that we will give them everything we have to make sure their network services run smoothly.  We will treat their networks as if it was our own and with the respect that it, and their end-customers deserve.

Quite simply, we exist, to make our customers successful.  When they are successful, we’re successful.  You can’t have any better goal than that.

Shanti Korpooraal – Founder of eintellego Networks.

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