Being Held Hostage?

Are your IT Network staff holding your network hostage? Are they hard to get information out of? and do they play the “It’s too complicated for you to understand” game?  We’re here to empower you with a impartial, clear understanding of everything related to YOUR network – not theirs!  Call us today to gain control of your network from IT Hijackers!

Do you know everything your IT staff are doing?

Are your IT staff open and honest with you about how they are spending their time? Is your network documented, monitored and maintained at a required level? When you have an outage are they on top of the situation or do you have to push them for work at each step of the way? If one of your IT staff left will all the local knowledge leave with them?

Are you starting to feel like you should get back into the engineering headspace so you can check out what they are doing? If your IT staff are keeping all your network information in their heads and not on accessible documentation this can leave your business at risk if these staff leave or are inaccessible. This can also lead to data corruption and network security hazards.

In the IT industry engineers have a standard lifecycle of 2-3 years, they naturally like to move onto the next exciting network or opportunity. This is great if your network and requirements are documented and upgraded as needed. However if staff are not documenting their work and the network, this can lead to a lot of knowledge lost at each turnover.

eintellego Networks can ensure that your network is documented and maintained so that no local knowledge is lost. We can also help you hire the right staff that will work well in your environment. We have a standard recruiting process for IT staff that will ensure you get the right person for the job. We can also ensure that your network is known, maintained and updated by multiple staff.

We ensure that your network is stable, maintained, updated and documented so that you can have confidence in the continuity of local knowledge and background. We build unique and specialised networks that are also based on solid network principals so you will not be held hostage by IT staff or engineers any longer.

Contact us to break free of the IT staff chains.

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