Doing Everything Yourself?

Are you sick of spending late nights in the data centre?  Are you still having to personally manage everything  because you can’t trust your staff to do the right thing the first time? Let us take care of the hard and demanding technical parts of running your network.  We will be there, so you don’t have to be.

Does Everything Rely on You?

inside_doingityourselfDo you have to work 24/7 to make sure your network is managed and your projects are completed on time? Do you have to go onsite or to a datacenter every time there is an outage or a fault? Do you still get called onsite by clients because staff are making mistakes or jobs are not being completed correctly?

We have many clients that have found that managing engineers is harder than it sounds, getting them to get the job done correctly and on time is next to impossible. You may have found that getting completed projects and documentation out of them is like pulling teeth out.

eintellego Networks have dedicated account managers so your jobs get completed, with documentation, without you having to be there at all. You can relax knowing that your network is managed and documented. Your client’s networks are solid and we can take care of any faults or outages that may happen.

You do not need to go rushing to a data center every time something needs to be fixed and upgraded because there will be a managed team doing it for you. All you need to do is watch the updates and documentation come in.

Our account management staff are specifically trained to be the bridge between business minds and geek speak.

Contact us to find out have we can help you avoid data centers and get back to doing the business you love.


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